The Lazy Girl’s Travel Make-Up

We think the world is never fair. We grumble and sulk at those fashionistas who are so put together in airplanes and in airports. Or those Kylie Jenner clones you are fighting with for photography space during Angkor Wat’s memorable sunsets. Sure, we might tell ourselves that when we travel we don’t need to care how we look like – we are not telling you to whip out the make-up table or pack 7kgs worth of foundation – but we can’t deny it is important to be presentable. Or just try not look like a yeti and scare small children.

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A close friend once shared that one should always look her best when flying and travelling, and we agree! This is for those Balinese dinners by the sunset you could never have predicted or the last minute theatre event in London that you just got invited to. This is the Lazy Girl’s Travel Make-Up Essentials – bear with us, it’s not going to be so bad.

The key is duality – most of the products we chose here have more than one purpose. This ensures that your make-up bag is not bursting at the seams and you don’t spend 2 hours rummaging through a pile of products. Quick and easy is the way to go!


1. Use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead of foundation

No offence to our full-coverage-loving girls – sometimes when we travel we want our skin to breathe and a tinted moisturiser sometimes is enough to get you through the day. Most tinted moisturisers have enough pigment to not warrant an additional concealer and they have SPF too! Win!

2. Use cream products for both lips and cheeks

This is our personal favourite – our vanity tables have tonnes of 2-in-1 cream products, both for lips and cheeks. Getting products such as these ensures that you don’t need to pack a separate bag for brushes. Just use your fingers! Your fingers will warm up the product and it will go on beautifully on your cheeks without looking splotchy. We recommend Becca Beach Tint (they have so many colours and so far this is the best for blending on the cheek, it takes no effort, AT ALL) and Bobbi Brown Cream Lip/Cheek (this one is super pigmented, be careful, but it lasts all day). Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how tiny they are? A light packer’s dream for sure!

3. Triple-threat: Bronzer + Blusher + Highlighter Palette

Alright, stop hyperventilating in fear – this is not so  complicated as it looks. In fact, it’s the opposite! If you find a lip/cheek tint is not enough for you to glam up your face – try this Urban Decay Flushed Palette. In one product, you can contour and highlight up to high heavens and God won’t even be mad.

4. Tinted brow gels

We’ve heard time and again that the most important part of your make-up routine is doing your brows (the notion of symmetry equals beauty, and all that jazz). Let’s face it, no matter how much you want to emulate those perfectly carved Instagram brows, you don’t have the time when you’re a girl on the go in search for her new adventure. Benefit’s Gimme Brow is perfect to fill in those sparse brows that you so abused during secondary school (shaved and plucked too much, sorry) or to tame your 4-D brows and set them in place (down, girls!). Your brows won’t be perfect but at least with framed and filled in brows, you look ready to take on that monument, mountain or flirt with your Spanish guide!

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5. Dual Lipsticks

Again, this is not compulsory. If you think your lip/cheek tint is not enough again and you want to red-lippie-up-this-place, Laniege’s Two Tone Lip Bar is here to the rescue. On one side, you have a neutral, everyday nude or peach colour and a spicy, naughty red on the other. Perfecto!

6. Mini-mascaras

I personally do not wear mascaras while travelling but sometimes I find myself wishing I had brought one. Why? Because your mascaras can double up as an eyeliner if you have the right angled brush. We love the duality effect over here! And of course, the right mascara can complete an entire look, assist you in day to night transition look and make you look dressed up without even trying. Just ensure that if you prefer wearing waterproof mascaras, bring an appropriate make-up remover for the eyes – we don’t want to be rubbing and stretching our eyelids now, do we? Sephora has tons of mini versions of mascaras that you love – go check them out! We also love the Laura Mercier travel eyelash curler – its petite size is so deceiving but it’s the only travel curler that actually works similarly to the award-winning Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. And we just love how tiny it is. Cabin approved!

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7. Small Eyeshadow Palettes

This is not a must-have but you’ll be glad if one of these petite things are inside your travel make-up bag if you’re suddenly invited to a formal event or you’re going on a date with a handsome stranger. If you want to get an eyeshadow palette on-the-go, shop for the ones that have neutral, matte or slightly shimmery colours with light and sheer colours to make that eye colour pop. One tip: We also use these light colours as highlighters on our cheeks if we do not have a separate product just for highlighting! We recommend using MAC’s customisable eyeshadow palettes and TooFaced Natural Eye palette that we reviewed HERE.

8. Travel Brushes (optional)

To be honest, I prefer to use my fingers so I do not have to pack a separate bag for brushes or a brush roll, but once I got this baby from Sephora, I realised how useful it is in some situations. It has your standard blending brush, shading brush, angled-brush for eyeliners/eyebrows and a small powder brush which you can use for bronzer/blusher/powder (just take a tissue and wipe after every use!). And they are in a case/roll that is akin to the size of my iPhone 6+. How portable!

Products displayed here can be found in and MAC stores island-wide for MAC products. 

Let us know what other products we can use for “lazy” girls like all of us here!



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