SWITZERLAND: A Tale of Two Mountains

If you want unbelievably scenic views that one can only dream of and stunning sunsets all-year-round, journey to Switzerland and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a first timer, and just want to see everything, head to the quaint but beautiful city of Lucerne (and its chocolates) where you’ll have the opportunity to not only appreciate Swiss culture but also to gawk in awe at the Swiss alps above you.

As mentioned, these mountains are stunning all-year-round but Lucerne transforms into a winter wonderland under the blanket of white, white snow.

Lucerne boasts three main peaks: Mt Rigi, Mt Pilatus and Mt Titlis. We were unable to go up Mt Rigi, from which you’d be able to see Lucerne’s lakes, due to bad weather (apparently there was a snow storm). We were fortunate enough, however, to visit the other two. Don’t make the same mistake as we did and not purchase the Swiss Travel Pass in advance or at the Lucerne Train Station – you’ll save at least a 100CHF when you do. Switzerland is already an expensive place to begin with, going up to these mountains will certainly cost you. We ended up paying around 200CHF/280SGD per person (for both mountains + trains) because we overlooked the existence of this pass. The Swiss Travel Pass covers trams, trains, buses and boats around Switzerland plus it also gives you major discounts on Mountain Fees. Fees change all the time so check out Swiss Travel Pass for more details.

Best times to visit the peaks during winter: December to February. Make sure you are properly clothed and warm – temperature goes below 0 degrees over here!

We’ll leave you with visuals of both mountains to inspire you on your next mountain adventure!

Mt. Pilatus


An easier mountain to get to, Mt Pilatus does provide majestic views over the city of Lucerne. It also boasts a decent restaurant/cafe and an observatory deck.  If you have the budget, do spend a couple of days at the summit (visit: Hotel Bellevue Kriens)

We bought our tickets outside Lucerne Train Station which were more expensive. Proceed to the Tourist Information Centre inside the Lucerne Train Station. You may purchase your Swiss Travel Pass there.
Hike up to the summit to witness spectacular views!



Mt Titlis

Engelberg Train Station

A more famous mountain for skiers and holiday-makers, Mt. Titlis is a little harder to get to. You have to take a train from Lucerne Train Station to the lovely little town of Engelberg, at the foot of the mountain. From there you’ll be taking four to five cable cars/gendolas up the peak. Hence, from the foot to mid-way up, it will take at least 2 hours. Plan your day early! Mt Titlis boasts eternally snow-capped peaks all-year-round and Europe’s highest suspension bridge. For Muslim travellers, there is a very good Halal restaurant at the summit that serves Indian and Western food. Score!


You’ll be doing a lot of hiking and walking, almost knee-deep in snow and temperatures are lower due to the higher altitude. But the views are sensational and really out of this world. Enjoy!




Visit the Glacier Cave!


On the Ice Flyer!


We hope that we’ve inspired you to travel to Switzerland! Enjoy and safe travels!



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