Travel Makeup Bags We Currently Love

We are all bag ladies over here (we’ve been accused of this time and time again but we ain’t mad!) and while we do shop for a lot of travel-related items, most of them are makeup-bags-to-go. A little disclaimer: these are not the ones for your everyday makeup (unless you are one of those fashionistas who need to carry their whole vanity cupboard with them to work – if you do, go ahead, though, we ain’t judging) – these bags are slightly larger than your usual ones. These bags are perfect for travel because they are very roomy (which has its own pros and cons – if you’re a hoarder, all the best to ya) and are made of good quality fabric/plastic/oil cloth.

So if you’re looking for a new travel makeup bag (because you just HAVE to get another one – we totally sympathise!) or you want to purchase something nice for a friend, read on!


1. Etsy Bags

I swear, Etsy was created just to drain my bank account. Etsy is a wonderful (and dangerous) portal of all things hand-made. Don’t write it off just because it is not made in a factory – hand-made means more attention to detail and more love. And it does help that most of the sellers on Etsy produce quality products. These roomy skull/Day of the Dead makeup bags come from The Curious Needle and try not to positively die over their cute and quirky designs. The softer, pastel-coloured bag on the right is from FlowerNBird and they create oil-cloth bags, which are so divine! Note: Oil-cloth bags enable you to effectively clean any spillage and won’t stain as they are a bunch of sturdy, waterproof bags. Perfect for the gym or travel!

2. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret does know their consumers – over the years they have produced and perfected the ultimate girly-girl travel makeup bag. They are a bit on the heavier side as they are made of strong PVC and vinyl but if you’re into pinks and hearts then by all means visit their shops island-wide. They are also more TSA-regulations-aware, hence some of their bags are 1-quart sized and are also clear, perfect to put in a carry-on when you are watching your liquids. This also saves you from churning out flimsy ziplock bags to store your liquids and creams. Sometimes, Victoria’s Secret does hold sales and you can actually purchase two (or three) bags for the price of one!

3. Rifle Paper Co. feat. LeSportsac

LeSportsac does boast durable ripstop nylon bags which are super-light. Just nice for travelling and for receiving abuse in your luggage. Now, I normally don’t go for the brand’s designs (they are too elaborate for my tastes and the prints have not been attractive) – but the moment US stationery brand Rifle Paper Co. collaborated with them, I am all in. The designs on this one are actually hand-drawn by the owner of Rifle Paper Co, Anna Bond. This is the XL Cosmetic Bag and measures 2.75″ x 6.25″ x 9″, and has two compartments – enough to put your makeup essentials and then some. Get it at Rifle Paper Co x LeSportsac – they’re currently on sale! Now, shipping is only in the U.S but we use vPost to get our goods! Fast and reliable.

4. Muji Nylon Handled Pouch (L)

You know at Seek and Find, we love Muji – it really is a one-stop place for your travel needs. Recently Muji has been churning out very practical cosmetic pouches that the modern woman will certainly love. This baby over here is made out of full nylon and is super-light. What we love about it, though, are the compartments – you have a space for your brushes! No more dusty , grubby makeup bags! Muji does sell slightly smaller ones with lesser compartments so it really is up to your travelling-beauty style. We do love options! Get it at Muji Nylon Bag.

5. The Art Faculty by Pathlight

This one caught our eye when Lee Hsien Loong, our Prime Minister’s  wife Ho Ching paraded it around like a Prada purse during her visit at the White House with the Obamas (HERE: Mrs Lee & Dinosaur Pathlight Bag). We felt that it was lovely of her to showcase local products especially from a platform that promotes the skills and talents of people who are facing certain challenges like autism. The Art Faculty showcases art work and products of current and past students and artists can earn royalties when their pieces are sold. We do love products with a cause! Also, the bags are so well-made and are super-durable – they have sustained a considerable amount of abuse from us. Unfortunately, the moment Ho Ching brought the Denim Pouch-Dino Blue Black to the welcome dinner at the White House, it sold out almost immediately. Not to fear, The Art Faculty has other lovely items on sale – do support our Singaporean talents! Browse here: The Art Faculty.

We hope that you’ve had a nice time lusting over these pretty yet practical travel pieces!

What do you use for your travel makeup bag?




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