You’ve been there, you know the drill. You think you don’t need them but then, 4 hours into your long haul flight you find yourself fidgeting and getting the mother of all neck aches and suddenly your fussy neighbour (who is sporting a ridiculously huge neck pillow) beside you seems the most smartest person on the planet.


Let’s not mention the fact you sleep in an oscillating manner – the dent that the airplane table gave your head is proof of that. The solution? A good neck pillow that does job but does not leave another dent in your carry on.

There are plenty of neck/travel pillows out in the market but we have narrowed down three in this article – and we’ll tell you which one we prefer!

1. Inflatable Neck Pillow By Decathlon (S$4)

This one is for the simple-I-only-carry-a-small-carry-on traveller. It is foldable and light and there is a semblance of comfort. This is new as most inflatable neck pillows in stores today feel like a swimming pool floatation device. This is not the best out there but it‘s not so bad. Packing light is such a dream!

Get it: Inflatable Travel Pillow by Decathlon

2. Neck Cushion by Muji (S$33)

Muji is known for simplicity and quality and their award winning Neck Cushion does deliver. It’s super soft, without being too limp hence your neck and head do get the support they deserve especially in a long haul flight. Also, it clips right in front with adjustable straps so the cushion remains secure. It comes in plenty of colours and is machine washable. It’s pretty versatile too, unclip it and it transforms into a mini-bolster, transporting you to your own bed at 40,000 ft!

Get it: Neck Cushion by Muji

3. Reinvented Travel Pillow by TRTL (est.S$45)

We first stumbled upon this revolutionary travel pillow on YouTube, hilariously reviewed by Clevver Style and we knew we had to get it. Sure, it does not look like your normal travel neck pillow but that’s whole point of it all. It’s super portable, compact and has a firm structure which follows the bend of your neck and head while you are asleep – perfect! We tried it out during our flight from Singapore to Milan and it performed superbly. Just be prepared to receive weird looks from your fellow passengers – but who cares, it keeps your head in place! It’s a little bit pricier than the rest but that’s due to the shipping cost from the UK, but we think it’s worth the price.

Get it: Travel Pillow by TRTL

Our favourite?

The Muji Neck Cushion! Sure, we love the uniqueness of the TRTL Travel Pillow and the Muji Neck Cushion is not easy to carry around, but we love being pampered on flights and the Muji Neck Cushion is just the softest thing there is. Check out their website to see the many ways you can use the Muji Neck Cushion. Now you have something to look forward to in your next flight!





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