One of the things that differentiates Bali from other beach destinations is probably the cliff-hanging temple of Uluwatu. 

There’s just something breathtaking about the bukit’s (hill) steep cliff structure. Try to ignore the 70-metre plunge, and let yourself be mesmerized by the glittering, turqoise waves of the Indian Ocean. There is really nothing quite like this place.

Unless you are keen to wait till dusk to see a traditional kecak dance, you don’t need to hire a guide.

Other things to take note of when you drop by for a visit:

  • The area is first and foremost, a temple, so as a mark of respect, you will be asked to don a sarong to cover your legs if you happen to be wearing shorts.
  • Try to keep your phones, sunglasses, jewelry and other loose items in a secure bag – or you’ll find yourself chasing after monkeys to get your valuables back. 
  • It’s best to make your way there early in order to avoid traffic. To get there, you will need a taxi or van, which might cost up to $40 if your pick up point’s at Legian or Seminyak. With an entrance fee of just 20 cents per person, I’d say the trip is definitely worth making. 
Credit: http://www.alilahotels.com

Of course, if you’re prepared to splurge a little more on accommodation, here are a couple of hotels we recommend:

1. Alila Hotels – this gorgeous 5-star property is perched right on top of Uluwatu’s limestone cliffs, giving you a perfect view of the Indian Ocean. For surfers, you may indulge in a dazzling array of beaches such as Balangan beach, Dreamland beach and Nyang Nyang beach – all easily accessible and are just 10 to 15 minutes away.

Credit: http://www.ministryofvillas.com

2.Villa Capung – If you need a bigger space for, say, an intimate family gathering, we’d recommend Villa Capung located at Jimbaran Bay. This 3-bedroom beauty is spacious as it is affordable to be shared among a group of travellers. Seminyak is also just minutes away, where you can get a taste of local cuisine.


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